Everyone in the house will be fighting over this color change mushroom cup, so make a whole set for the family! This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl but all ideas and opinions are my own.

color change vinyl on glass

My kids LOVE the color changing vinyl cups I make, so I decided to add a new design to our growing collection. I’ve made Alice in Wonderland and butterfly themed color change glasses, so cute and colorful mushrooms will fit in with the theme perfectly! This incredible vinyl looks like etched glass at room temperature, but as soon as you fill it with a cold drink the colors start to change!

color change vinyl

Color Change Mushroom Cup Supplies


I chose a variety of mushroom designs that I had from Silhouette Design Studio. I chose one of the three colors for each mushroom design and sorted the elements by color. This way I could cut everything I needed from each vinyl sheet. The sheets look white but at an angle you can get a peek at what color it will turn into!

After weeding the vinyl, group the pieces together. Use clear transfer tape to group the vinyl and make the cute little mushrooms. The vinyl will still change colors, even when it’s layered!

Transfer the design to a clean drinking glass. Use your tool to remove all of the air bubbbles.

vinyl that changes color

Add an icy cold beverage and watch the colors change! For a fast change, place the glass in the freezer for a minute. The colors will intensify as the vinyl gets colder.

color change vinyl mushroom cups

How cute is that? Have fun crafting and creating with color changing vinyl!

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