Create a stunningly elegant drinking glass with this color changing vinyl DIY. This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft but all ideas and opinions are my own.

color changing vinyl DIY

Last month I made a sign for my fairy garden using gold metallic vinyl and sun change vinyl, which goes from white to color when the sunlight hits it. I loved the pairing of gold with white so much that I wanted to use it again on another project. This time I’m using rose gold metalized vinyl with color changing vinyl. This moth drinking glass is now my favorite cup and I have been using it non-stop since I made it!

rose gold vinyl

This is what the cup looks like when it’s room temperature. It’s still beautiful and looks like etched glass with a rose gold outline. I just love this moth cut file and it was perfect for creating this project!

color changing vinyl glass

The color changing vinyl from StyleTech Craft changes color as the vinyl gets cold. The colder the glass, the more intense the color is. When you touch the cold vinyl with your hand it goes back to white for a moment! It’s really fun to play with.

weed color changing vinyl

Color Changing Vinyl DIY Glass Supplies Used

transfer color changing vinyl

Cut the top layer of the moth file using rose gold vinyl. Cut the bottom layer using the color changing vinyl. After you weed the vinyl, transfer the rose gold layer on top of the color change vinyl. Then you can transfer both together to the drinking glass.

color changing vinyl DIY glass

It looks like painted glass, doesn’t it? This vinyl is dishwasher safe, but I still like to handwash mine so it will last longer. Have fun crafting and creating with color changing vinyl!

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