This magic wands DIY comes with free printable tags to make perfect gifts or party favors. This is a sponsored post.

Harry Potter’s birthday is coming up, which was the perfect excuse for me to make magic wands! I had found a huge bag of sturdy chopsticks plus a giant bag of marbles at Goodwill San Antonio a few weeks ago and immediately knew I’d be making wands. I wanted mine to be a bit unique, so I used clay to transform my thrift store finds.

Magic Wands DIY with Clay for Harry Potter

To complete this wand gift, I made some free printables to include with the wand. First up are some tags that let the received know exactly what the core of their wand is made of. I printed my image on fantastic pre-scored printable paper from All I had to do was print the fold the paper on the dotted lines to cleanly separate the tags.

Magic Wands DIY with Clay for Harry Potter

Next I made some postcards to include with the wand. I took some liberties with the “real” Hogwarts admission letter so the postcard could accompany the wand.

Magic Wands DIY with Clay for Harry Potter

Ready to make some magic wands? Here are the supplies needed for your Magic Wand DIY:


I found the building blocks for my project at Goodwill San Antonio.

Save my free printables below and print them on paper. I’ve already designed these to fit their papers perfectly, so just print them at 100%, fold the paper on the pre-scored lines, and get to crafting this Magic Wands DIY!

I used my clay roller to make the clay paper thin, then I wrapped the tops of the chopsticks with them.

Use silicon molds to make designs out of clay and add them to the sticks.

Bake the clay following the package instructions.

When the clay has cooled, brush a metallic paint over the wand. Use a dry paper towel to wipe as much or as little of the paint off as you want. You can see in my two wands where one has more paint than the other to create different looks.

Magic Wands DIY with Clay for Harry Potter

Add the tags and postcards, and get ready to gift these wands to your favorite little wizards and witches! For more awesome Harry Potter inspired fun, see my mandrake tutorial, my Pygmy puff DIY, or my Bertie Botts prank!

Here are the printables that you are free to use for personal use with this Magic Wands DIY. These are NOT for resale.


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