Make this funny Jaws poster DIY using my free printable.

Jaws Poster DIY
My husband is an orthodontist, and with shark week on the brain I came up with this funny piece of wall art for him. This makes me laugh every time I look at it! I hope he will hang it up in his office. I think it would also make a fun business card holder to keep at the reception desk.
Jaws Poster DIY
Supplies Used to make this Jaws Poster DIY:
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  • Free Printable for personal use
  • Canvas from Goodwill
  • Black Paint
  • Apoxie Clay 
  • Plastic teeth
  • Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive Refill
Jaws Poster DIY
Free Printable for Personal Use
Download and print my free printable. I suggest printing on white cardstock for best results.
Paint the canvas with black paint. Let it dry completely. I added a second layer of paint to make sure it was even and dark.
Roll the Jaws print through the Xyron Creative Station to turn it into a big sticker. (Click here for more info on how the Creative Station work.) Attach the image to the canvas.
Don’t worry…these teeth are all fake, mostly dental samples that a friend collected at estate sales! You can also find them on Ebay and Etsy.
The clay is a two part mixture. Follow the package instructions to mix it, then let it sit for abut 5 minutes.  First I rolled the clay into a thin rope and placed it around the mouth.
Jaws Poster DIY
Then I pressed each tooth one at a time into the clay. I used a clay tool to push some of the clay over the top of the teeth and to flatten the ends out.
When the clay is completely dry (after about 24 hours) the sign is ready to hang.
For more funny projects using fake teeth, check out this project I made.


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