Get organized this back-to-school season with a wood burned pencil box.  

Wood Burned Pencil Box Tutorial

I like to use a stencil to pencil in my design before I start my wood burning.  This helps create a professional looking design, even if you’re not a wood burning pro yet!

Wood Burned Pencil Box Supplies

wood glue on pencil boxes
Use wood glue to attach the three wood pencil boxes together.  Glue two boxed together, being careful to make sure they are lined up correctly, one over the other.  Let this set for a few minutes before adding the third box on top of the stack.  Let the wood glue dry completely before continuing to the next step.
stencil on wood
Place the stencil of the leaf on the front of the wood boxes. Use a pencil to lightly trace the stencil design.  Remove the stencil from the boxes.
wood burn pencil box
Attach the fine point tip to the wood burning tool by screwing it on tightly.  Turn the wood burning tool on and let it warm up.  Trace the penciled in outline that you drew in step two. Use the fine tip point of the wood burning tool to turn the pencil drawing into a wood burned design.
ink pouncer
Place the second part of the leaf stencil over the wood burned design.  Pick up some green stamping ink with the foam applicator, and dab it over the stencil.  Continue until the stenciled design is filled in with green color, then remove the stencil.
Wood Burned Pencil Box Tutorial
This simple pencil box looks great on my desk.  I like that it is very light and natural looking.  You could use any kind of stencil to create a completely different look on your own pencil boxes.  Have fun crafting and creating with wood burning tools!
Wood Burned Pencil Box Tutorial
I originally published this tutorial on the Darice blog as a member of their design team.


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