Follow this mandrake tutorial to make this Harry Potter DIY project.

Follow this mandrake tutorial to learn how to make this creepy and cool Harry Potter DIY project. Celebrate Hogwarts and Herbology 101 with this craft.
I’m a big Harry Potter fan.  You might remember my free Potter printables, my Hogwarts desk organizer, my Mad Eye Moody sleeping mask, or my DIY Pygmy Puffs. This year I took a slightly creepier turn.  I made a screaming mandrake! I’ve been so excited to share this project with all of you as well as the fans of Rae Gun Rambling’s Harry Potter Crafts series. I hope you all love this project as much as my kids and I do!
Make your own Mandrake inspired by Herbology 101 from the Harry Potter books!
Supplies Used for this Mandrake Tutorial:

See the video tutorial above to see exactly how I made this mandrake tutorial.  If you prefer written instructions, I’ve included those below.
Roll the kraft paper through the Xyron Creative Station using permanent adhesive. Cut the paper in thin strips.
Wrap the paper around the wire pieces. Crumple and wrinkle the paper to create a wood like texture. Build up the pieces as desired by adding more paper. Cover the face with paper.
Use an awl or other sharp tool to make three holes in the doll’s hands and the top of the head. Insert strands of wire in each hole.
Place the molding paste over the paper.  Sculpt facial features as desired. Let it dry.
Paint the paper brown. When it is dry paint the Weathered Wood medium over it.
Brush the lighter brown color over the dried medium. Let it dry. It will crackle to look like aged wood.
Paint the “roots” an off white color.
I used a staining medium mixed with metallic glaze to add highlights and dimension.
Clip artificial leaves and hot glue them onto the branches.
Follow this mandrake tutorial to learn how to make this creepy and cool Harry Potter DIY project. Celebrate Hogwarts and Herbology 101 with this craft.

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  1. I loved the 1st Harry Potter because Richard Harris was Dumbledore. But I guess Professor Snape was my next favorite.

  2. you are amazing! I bow to you. this turned out sooooooo fantastic. And I’m totally dying over that green house photo!

  3. Wow! Love this project!! As to who is my favorite…… It has to be Harry, being the underdog at the beginning, then coming into his own in the later books, to me is great inspiration for everyone to stay true to yourself. Hermione being a “mudblood” works harder than anyone and becomes a great wizard in her own right.


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