Make your own unicorn waving wipers. This is a sponsored post.

Unicorn Waving Wipers Tutorial

Have you seen the cute waving wipers on social media, like this one?

I liked the idea so much that I wanted to try to make my own. This design is cheery and works year round: unicorn waving wipers! I used printable labels from to make this project.

Unicorn Waving Wipers Tutorial

I’ve used lots of labels from OnlineLabels in my crafting, and their labels really STICK! That’s great for most projects, but I didn’t want to have to scrape sticker paper off my rear window later. That’s where their removable printable paper comes in handy! Removable white matte paper is printable and made for places (like car windows) where you don’t want a permanent label. OL9805 labels come in a variety of options, including waterproof, which is great for this DIY.

Supplies Used to Make Unicorn Waving Wipers:

I cropped and separated my image so that the body was on one sheet and the waving arm was on a separate sheet.

I printed each image on a separate sheet of the label paper.

Unicorn Waving Wipers Tutorial

Cut the image out.

Stick the arm on a sheet of craft foam. Cut out the arm and the foam. This will help hold the arm up when it waves.

Use industrial velcro sheets to attach the arm to the windshield wiper.

Peel and stick the image on the glass. My unicorn has been up for several days in the Texas heat and is still sticking perfectly!

Unicorn Waving Wipers Tutorial

When you turn on the rear wiper, the unicorn waves its flower at everyone passing by! It’s so cute and cheery! Check out the short video clip to watch how it works.

Since you’re making your own waving wiper, you can make any design you want…just print it out! Have fun crafting and creating your own unicorn waving wipers!


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