This Halloween goblets DIY will show you how to transform glass items from the thrift store into fun party ware.

Halloween Goblets DIY: Painted Glass Partyware

These colorful Halloween goblets are perfect for decorating or for parties. I used multiple glass items from Goodwill San Antonio with glass paint from DecoArt to create this project. If you want to use these as decor (ie. to hold candy), select heavy candle holders. For drink holders, opt for a lighter candle holder to make the goblet easier to lift up.

Supplies Used to make this Halloween Goblets DIY:

  • Americana Gloss Enamels by DecoArt
  • Flat brushes
  • Tooth brush
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Various glass containers from Goodwill San Antonio
  • Various glass candle holders also from Goodwill
Before you do any painting on glass surfaces, you always want to wash and dry the glass items thoroughly. This helps to remove dust and oil from the surface so paint can adhere better. You can also use alcohol wipes to clean glass.
Paint each section of the candle holders with a different color.  I used Purple Cow, Lavender, Citron Green, Bright Orange, and Black.  Use a soft flat brush to add light layers of paint to the glass surface. Let the paint dry before adding another layer of color.
Paint the glass containers with one color of paint.  To minimize streaks and brush strokes, use a soft flat brush to add multiple light layers of paint to the surface.  Let the paint dry between each application.
Halloween Goblets DIY: Painted Glass Partyware
Place the glass items in a box or on a covered surface to splatter them with gold paint. It’s a good idea to do this outside! I used multiple brushes to achieve different sized splatter marks.  Dip the brush in paint and then flick the brush towards the surface to be splattered.
Glue the cup to the candleholder base using E-6000 adhesive.
Halloween Goblets DIY: Painted Glass Partyware
I originally published this project on the DecoArt site.


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