This Easter Bunny Wreath tutorial will help you decorate your home this spring. This is a sponsored post.

Bunny Wreaths on Doors

I’ve seen these adorable bunny shaped wreaths in stores for years, but never splurged on them. When I was given the opportunity to create a craft project using supplies from Oriental Trading Company, I decided it was time for bunny wreaths. This project is simple enough for beginners and very affordable.

Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial

Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial Supplies

Cover the grapevine wreath with the boxwood garland. I started at the center, then looped around the bottom circle. I used twine to tie the garland to the wreath form. Make sure to get the twine around the center of the vine, so it won’t show.

Loop and tie the boxwood garland around the top circle as well. Use wire cutters to clip the garland. There was so much garland that I probably could have made at least one more wreath.

Make a bow out of ribbon and tie it to the wreath.


Cut flowers to add to the bow. I used a beautiful wedding bouquet, because the flowers were spring colored and perfect for Easter. Hot glue the flowers to the bow.

I cut a few more flower sprigs from a separate bouquet to add some fullness and color to the base of the wreath, but that is optional. I hot glued them onto the grapevine form.

Make an Easter Bunny Wreath

I just love the way this Easter Bunny wreath tutorial turned out! I think this pretty wreath adds some much needed color and greenery to my front door. It makes me feel like spring is just around the corner! Have fun crafting and creating spring and Easter decor for your home!


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