I got this doll head in early August, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been having some fun with it! First, I started placing it in odd places, a la “elf on the shelf”, to surprise my kids with.  Let’s just say that they weren’t as amused as I was.  Then I tasked my oldest two sons with a project.  Create a story and Photograph the doll head to illustrate their tale.  I was really impressed with their short films. (Go to the end of this post to check them out!)
Make an actual HEAD LIGHT using items from Goodwill. This creepy nightlight is easy to make and perfect for Halloween decorating.

Finally, however, I created what I had originally set out to make: a spooky Halloween night light! I finally found the perfect base for my light at Goodwill San Antonio so I could complete my creepy project.

  • Candle Holder
  • Doll head
  • Ivory Spray Paint
  • Battery operated light
Step one:  Clean, wipe down, and dry the candle holder and doll head.  You’ll want to remove dirt and any adhesive residue from the price tag so the paint will adhere well.



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