Make your own DIY sun vinyl accessories that change color when you go outside! This is a sponsored posted with StyleTech Craft vinyl.DIY sun vinyl accessories

StyleTech Craft has done it again and created an AMAZING vinyl product that will be fun to use in so many different ways! Last month I showed you how fun their color change vinyl is. That vinyl reacts to cold drinks to change colors. This line is sun change vinyl. The vinyl changes colors when it’s in the sun light! It’s so incredible…check it out:

sun vinyl on bracelet

The vinyl looks completely white when you are indoors. See how you can barely see the vinyl on the white wood bangle bracelet? Now watch what happens when the sunlight hits the vinyl. It changes color!!! How cool is this? This line is perfect for making fun summer accessories to wear outdoors.

sun vinyl accessories

DIY Sun Vinyl Accessories Supplies Used

weeding the sun vinyl

First, paint the wood bangle white. Then cut the design from the various colors of Sun Change vinyl. I used a pattern from Silhouette Design Studio. Trim and weed the vinyl.

weed sun vinyl

The flamingo skeleton design was also purchased in Silhouette Design Studio. Cut the flamingo outline from the pink sun change vinyl, and the skeleton from the yellow sun change vinyl. I used tools and transfer tape from StyleTech Craft to quickly weed the vinyl and transfer the images to join them.

transfer tape on vinyl

Layer the vinyl first, then transfer the completed vinyl image to the accessory.

sun vinyl on hat

The colors become even more vibrant the longer the accessories are in the sun!! I was blown away by how quickly they changed, and how vibrant they became. I can’t wait to decorate more accessories and other items for summer use using sun change vinyl!

styletechcraft best vinyl for crafters


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