imageWhen I was in high school, one of the most anticipated rites of summer was a trip to Schlitterbahn Water Park. It’s been voted best waterpark in the world for good reason: there really is no place like it!image

When I used to go to the park, there weren’t nearly as many rides as there are today, and we quickly memorized the layout of the park. My siblings and I each had our favorite rides, and we would map out our strategy for the day as we drove to the park. The first stop was always the inner tube barn, where you dug through the pile to find the perfect tube. Once you found the tube that was just the right size (being petite, I had to hunt for a small enough tube that I wouldn’t fall through), you hung on to it all day, even taking it back to your picnic table during lunch for safe keeping. I have so many warm memories of fun summer days spent at Schlitterbahn!

imageWe moved back to the San Antonio area a few years ago, and my husband and I wondered each summer if our kids were “old enough” to go to Schlitterbahn. We had never been there with young kids, and we only remembered the fast, exhilarating tube rides. We didn’t know that an entire new section had been added to the park, and that there were attractions for guests of all ages. So we decided to wait. Until now.


As a member of US Family Bloggers, I was offered the opportunity to visit Schlitterbahn Water Park to review it. I knew that my ten and twelve year old sons would love the park, but I wasn’t sure how much there would be for my 3 and 5 year olds to do. This seemed like a great opportunity to see how toddler/preschool friendly the park was.

imageWe arrived on a Monday when there was a 75% chance of rain. Since there are no refunds for rainouts, attendance was low that day, which worked out great for us! It never did rain, the sun was shining, and lines were very short. We started out at the original park. Right when we walked in my husband and I both smiled. It was exactly the way we remembered it. I felt like I’d gone back in time.

imageWe headed to the right where the children’s water play areas were. We found a nice table in the shade and the kids took off to play. My husband headed out to the tube rides with our older two kids, and I spent the day hanging out with our younger two children.

imageThere are multiple play areas for very young children to enjoy themselves at in the waterpark. Several feature waterscapes that have only a few inches of water, so toddlers can explore safely.

imageOthers have about 6 inches of water and are geared towards older toddlers and preschoolers. Lots of slides and attractions in the shapes of sea life, pirate ships, and other imaginative scenes will delight young children and keep them entertained all day.

imageTo my surprise, my little ones were brave enough to try some of the water slides. They giggled like crazy and wanted to ride the “pirate slide” again and again.

Needless to say, not one of my four kids was ready to go home at the end of the day, and they all begged to return to Schlitterbahn again. Now that I know how toddler friendly the park is we will definitely be back many, many more times!

For a chance to win a free gift pack from the park, follow Schlitterbahn on Instagram.  Use the hashtag #BahnLove with your summer photos to be entered in their weekly drawings.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.


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