Make an Uncle Fester light using items from Goodwill San Antonio, the dollar store, and DecoArt.

Uncle Fester Light DIY Addams Family Craft

You might have noticed that my family is really excited about the new Addams Family movie. As a child, I loved the Addams and the Munsters, and I’ve shared the old TV shows with my kids. The new movie makes the story even more “hip” in their eyes, and it’s fun to be able to share these kooky characters together. We’ve made Cousin It, filmed a craft tutorial in Addams Family costumes, and I recently freaked my kids out with this baby Uncle Fester light.

Uncle Fester Light DIY

I used a doll from Goodwill as a base for this project. I tested this technique on some baby Jack Jack toys last year, and now I was ready to try it on a bigger doll.

Uncle Fester Light DIY

Supplies Used to Make the Uncle Fester light:

  • Plastic doll
  • Deco Art Media Medium Matte
  • DecoMedia Crackle Texture
  • Paint in black and white
  • Two metal hanging baskets (from Dollar Tree)
  • Black Halloween cloth (from Dollar Tree)
  • Battery Operated Fairy Lights

Paint the matte medium all over the doll and let it dry. This is the only way the crackle texture will stay on the doll. Without it, it will just flake off when you paint it.

Brush the crackle texture over the doll. Thick applications will make thicker cracks. I like to keep some areas thick and others thin to vary the appearance. The paste will crackle as it dries.

Creepy Doll Light DIY

Mix white and brown paint to create a very light gray color. Sponge this over the doll and wipe the paint off with a soft cloth. Use a small brush to fill the eyes with black paint. If you look closely you can see how I gently pushed the edges of the bristles down to create a feather-like effect on the edges of the eyes.

Uncle Fester Light DIY

Cut the black fabric into pieces. Use one piece to cover one basket. Use the other piece to wrap the doll with. Wind the lights around the other basket, and place it on top. Use craft wire to hold the two baskets together. The battery pack goes behind the doll’s back.

Check out this video clip to see how cool this Uncle Fester light looks in the dark! Have fun crafting and creating spooky stuff!



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