Use thrift store finds to make this Cousin It DIY. This is a sponsored post.

Cousin It DIY

I loved the Addams Family TV show when I was a child, and one of my favorite characters was Cousin It. I had very, very long hair as a kid, and I loved to flip it over my face, put on sunglasses, and pretend to be It. With the upcoming movie release, I was inspired to grab some items from Goodwill San Antonio to make this Cousin It DIY project.

Cousin It DIY: Addams Family Halloween Tutorial

Supplies Used for this Cousin It DIY:

  • Dress form (can also use coat rack or tomato cage)
  • Sunglasses
  • Black hat
  • Hula skirts
  • Paper clips

I found this wonderful dress maker’s form at Goodwill San Antonio and, while I plan to repair it soon, for now it makes a great base for this project. Check Goodwill for kid’s sized coat racks, small narrow shelves, wicker baskets, etc., to use as a frame for this quick project.

Start wrapping the frame with raffia hula skirts. I had two different kinds, one short and one long, so I put the short skirt on first. Use paper clips to pin the skirt in place where it overlaps.

Wrap one skirt around the top of the form. Ideally, you won’t have flowers on your skirt, but if not, the flowers stay pretty hidden. You have to compromise when you’re working with what you can find at the thrift store!

Place a black hat on the top of the form, over the hula skirt. Put the sunglasses under the hat. My sunglasses fit around the neck of the dress form. If yours won’t stay in place, hot glue them under the hat’s brim.

Cousin It DIY: Addams Family Halloween Tutorial

Place your Cousin It DIY near the front door to greet visitors to your home. Just remember that you put him there. I walked into the living room in the dark the first night that Cousin It was in place and scared the heck out of myself! ha! Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!


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