Have you seen all the awesome gelatin worm pictures on Pinterest?  They look like they’d be perfect for Halloween and oh so easy to make.



This is what my worms looked like:

 We couldn’t get them out of the straws.  Well, we could, but then they looked like bloody, blown up worms.  Which my kids thought was pretty awesome.  I didn’t feel like scraping red gelatin off my walls all night, so I told them to just suck in the jell-o.

Instant hit!!  The jell-o makes an incredibly disgusting sound when it finally dislodges itself and slurps through the straw.  My kids thought it was awesome.

So, this craft fail was redeemed.  It wasn’t pretty, but my kids had fun eating it.  Which had been my goal to begin with.  Mission accomplished! (I guess?)


  1. soooo cute and funny! I wanted to make these too but I didnt know how u would get them out either. But glad to hear they were atleast yummy!

  2. Lol. Nice Pinterest fail. I thought the originals looked super disgusting anyway. Glad your kids enjoyed them…who doesn’t love a little Jello?

  3. Hi Lady Wolf!
    I think the fact that I cut my straws and you didn’t is what hurt me. Like you, I tried water which made them fall apart (like the picture). I squeezed one or two ok ones out but that was a ridiculous amount of work. If I ever do it again (doubtful) I would use wider straws.

    Thanks for sharing your post with me!!


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