Learn a simple technique to create a wire wrapped pendant, using dollar store stones.
Even though fall is no where in sight here in central Texas, I’m ready to start crafting with autumn in mind.  The amber color of this stone makes me think of fall.  Read on to learn how easy it is to make this wire wrapped pendant.

I had been inspired by these pendants several months ago.  I pinned the image, hoping to make something similar someday.  When Dollar Store Crafts announced the theme for their September challenge, I knew it was the push I needed to give it a try.
Supplies needed:
Glass floral stones from the Dollar Tree
Jewelry wire
1.  Glue the bail to the stone using E-6000.

2.  Begin wrapping the wire at the top of the stone, just under the bail loop.

3.  Continue wrapping the wire around the stone as desired.

4.  Cut the wire and bend the end to form an “L”.  Tuck the end under the wrapped wire.

5.  Add a chain, ribbon, or cord and enjoy!


Fast, VERY frugal, and fabulous!

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  1. Morena – I love it – I bought a bunch of the dollar store “crystals” thinking I would use them on a chandelier – this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing,

  2. this is beautful. It reminds me of my birthstone, Topaz.
    I want to win !!!! I will wear it everyday I promise.

  3. I keep checking my Dollar Tree, I want to make more and the stars but they only have the ugly flat drop marbles.

  4. I have been playing around with different stones to wrap, and I couln’t quite get the hang of makeing the wire loop. Gluing the bail on was sheer genius. Thanks for the helpful lesson. Will this work as easy on the round glass stones? your pendant is just beautiful.

    • Thank you! Yes, it can be done with a round stone but is a bit harder, since the surface is wider and rounder. Good luck!


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