Kids will have so much fun trick or treating in this sweet cake slice costume. Even my dog wanted a piece of cake!

cake slice costume

This costume is actually a piece of cake! Your little one will look so sweet with this adorable costume made using light foam. The confetti is made with Poly Pellets to create a candy-like coating for the cake slice.

DIY cake slice costume

Cake Slice Costume Supplies

Let’s make the sprinkles first. Place Poly-Pellets in a container, then add a small amount of multisurface paint to the container. Mix until the pellets are covered in paint. Lay the pellets on a sheet of wax paper to dry. When they are dry, pour them into a larger bowl to break up clumps and mix the colors together.

Cut the foam to fit the length and width of the foam core board. Leave an open space in the middle where the “icing” will go. Hot glue the foam to the board. (Note: I used thick foam and sliced it in two to make the foam thinner. I advise that you use the 1/2″ foam to save time and keep the cake slice as light as possible.)

Repeat with the other side, but cut a square out of the middle for the child to have one arm out of the cake slice.

Now let’s make the “icing”. Mix two parts of the Plaster of Paris mix with one part water. Stir until it has the consistency of frosting. Fill in the space between the cake slices with “icing”.

cake slice costume tutorial

Spread the Paster of Paris over a sheet of foam core board. Sprinkle the Poly-Pellets onto the wet plaster and gently push them into the wet plaster.

When the plaster is dry, use hot glue to attach the three pieces of board together in a triangle shape. Cut two strips of Oly-Fun Fabric and glue them to make straps to hold the cake slice on the child’s shoulders. Cut pieces of foam to cover the front and back of the top of the cake, and hot glue those on.

how to make a cake slice costume

Cover the top of the cake slice with Plaster of Paris “icing” and spread the “sprinkles” on top, pressing them into the plaster.

cake slice costume

While you wait for the plaster to dry completely, make a tube using Oly-Fun Fabric, and hot glue it to a headband. Cut a flame from Oly-Fun Fabric and glue it inside the tube. Now your piece of cake has a candle to go on top!

Want to see exactly how it’s made, step by step? Check out my video tutorial:


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