This skull vase DIY is made with budget items but looks high-end!

I sold this item at my craft booth this month, and I honestly was a little sad to see it go. This piece turned out awesome, and it’s always nice when a project turns out exactly the way you’d hoped it would. I guess I’ll just have to make another one to keep for myself!
skull vase diy

Skull Vase DIY Supplies

  • Americana Acrylics — Lamp (Ebony) Black 
  • Metallic Lustre from Deco Art— Silver Spark 
  • Texture Products — Dimensional Effects 
  • Small plastic skulls from Dollar Tree (I used 3-4 packs)
  • Plastic or Glass Vase (also from Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Gun
cut skulls
Cut the backs off the plastic skulls using a craft knife. Work on a cutting mat or a scrap piece of a cardboard box to protect your surface. The dollar store skulls were very easy to cut, but if yours are a little thick, heat them briefly with your hair dryer to soften the plastic. Then they cut like butter.
hot glue
Hot glue the skulls onto the vase.
Fill in the spaces between the skulls with hot glue and let it dry.
dimensional effects
Spread Dimensional Effects in the spaces between the skulls. Use a wet brush to smooth the product over the sides of the skulls to connect them. This gives the project a more natural look, instead of the slick hot glue finish that it had.
painted skulls
Paint over the entire piece with the black paint. Be sure to hit every nook and cranny!
faux metal skull vase diy
Use a pouncer to rub the metallic silver color over the raised areas of the skulls. Work one section at a time. The pouncer makes it easy to just get the color on the raised areas, leaving the dark recessed areas as shadows.
make a skull vase diy
Add some spooky flowers to the vase, and display your finished skull vase DIY proudly!
skull vase diy tutorial


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