This DIY cow lamp is a cute way to recycle and create a fun night light. This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl.

Bessie Bottlelamp cow light DIY

Several years ago I created a post about fun ways to recycle plastic bottles. One of the most clicked on links in that post is for Bessie Bottlelamp, an adorable cow light made using a bottle. Unfortunately, that link is dead and I can’t find the original project anywhere. I always wanted to make my own DIY cow lamp, and since so many other people liked it I thought I’d share how I made it!

Bessie Bottlelamp DIY cow light

DIY Cow Lamp Supplies

how to make a cow night light

I created a short video so you can see how easy this project is to make.

Here is a brief summary of the steps:

  1. Clean the plastic bottle well and remove all the labels. Let it dry completely.
  2. Paint the wood dolls to make the legs and hooves. Use white paint on the long part and paint the round part black.
  3. Trace the light onto the bottom of the cow/container and cut out the circle with a craft knife.
  4. Use the template to cut the vinyl. Weed the vinyl and attach to the plastic container.
  5. Make a hole in the wood pegs and the plastic container. Stick a thumbtack in the hole and push it into the wood peg.
  6. Glue the fur trim onto the handle, and make a tail to glue on to the end.

make a DIY cow lamp

Click on the light and your DIY cow lamp lights up! This is such a fun night light. My kids all giggled when they saw it! Have fun crafting and creating with recycled plastic containers and vinyl!

recycle plastic containers

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