This summer I explained how to “crack” glass floral stones (tutorial here).  It’s an inexpensive, easy project that’s fun to do.  I like to use fine glitter to create a sparkly ombre effect on the glass. I turned my ombre cracked glass stones into glass magnets and pushpins.  Keep reading to learn how easy these are to make!
(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where I am a contributor.)



  • Glass Floral Stones
  • Glitter
  • Magnets and Thumb tacks
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue
  • Dimensional Magic
Step one:  Make the cracked glass stones, as explained in this tutorial.

Step two:  Cut a piece of double sided tape to fit the back of the stone.  Press it onto the stone.

Step three:  Pour the glitter onto the double sided tape.  I started with the lightest color and progressed to the darkest color, to create an ombre effect.

Step four:  Seal the glitter with the Dimensional Magic.

Step five:  Glue a thumb tack or magnet to the back of the stone.


Isn’t the effect pretty?  I think the pink/purple combo looks like a space galaxy.  I’ve been told that these look awesome when you paint the back with nail polish.  I can’t wait to try that idea!

The smaller stones that I used for the pushpins would make beautiful earrings, and the larger stones would make fun statement rings.  You could use different colors of glitter to match holidays or even school colors.  Have fun crafting and creating!



  1. I wish I could read how to make your craft. Look really interesting but all the advertisement do’n even let me do it. I can’t even see if I’m writing …

    • I apologize for that and appreciate the feedback. I will contact my ad agency and tell them to scale back the ads. Is it pop ups over the images or something else getting in the way?


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