Make domino pendant art using stuff you have at home.

domino pendant art puppy

I love to craft with recyclables and thrift store items. Dominos and game pieces are always great for crafts. With so many of us stuck at home, it’s a great time to clean out those cabinets and drawers at home and get creative. Use leftover game pieces with paper and photos to make some unique jewelry pieces.

Supplies Used for Domino Pendant Art

  • Domino pieces or scrabble tiles
  • Scrapbook paper, photos, paper scraps, ephemera, etc.
  • Craft Paint
  • Jewelry Bail
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Liquid Glass

paint the domino tile

Paint the edges of the domino in the desired color and let it dry.

make domino jewelry

Trace the domino on patterned paper and cut out the shape.

cut paper ephemera for jewelry making

Trim figures, photos, and text to place on the tile. Stickers, catalogs, paper packs, magazines, etc. are all great places to find text and images to use on this project.

decoupage a domino

Use Decoupage medium to add the patterned background to the tile.

decoupage on a domino pendant

Layer on the desired elements, working from the background up. Seal the finished image layers with Decoupage medium and let it dry.

examples of domino art

Once it is dry you can add on dimensional pieces like cabochon flowers, crowns, glitter, etc. using glue or decoupage medium.

liquid glass on domino

Cover the top of the Domino with Liquid Glass or a similar product. If you don’t have this, you can just seal with another layer of decoupage medium.

liquid glass when first applied

Liquid glass looks cloudy when wet but dries to a clear, glass like finish.

jewelry bails for domino pendant art

This is what the domino pendant art looks like dried. Glue a jewelry bail to the back of the domino so you can make a necklace! You could also glue a magnet to the back instead to decorate with. There are lots of fun ways to use these teeny tiny canvases! Have fun crafting and creating with thrifted stuff!


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