Here are some quick, fun ideas for decorating cupcakes!  They would be perfect for a Halloween or monster themed birthday party!


My second son was due on Halloween (my husband affectionately referred to him in utero as The Great Pumpkin or “TGP”).  He arrived 10 days early, but his birthday is close enough to Halloween that it’s fun to have a costume party.  I made these silly scary face cupcakes for one of his parties.


To make edible “googly eyes”, cut a marshmallow in half and place them sticky side up on the icing.  The stickiness makes it easy to place any candy on top to create eyes.

I also like to use the funny teeth they sell in packs the the Dollar Tree.  Just stick them on the icing and add candy eyes to create an instant funny face!

This is a fun project to do with kids, too.  They really enjoy creating the wacky faces!



  1. These are so perfect for our Halloween Little Monster Party. Thank you for sharing. I am already baking and freezing mine for Halloween. I have about 6 dozen to make!!! {Sigh}

  2. These are so cute! We always do have halloween stuff around his bday. My son was actually late and was born on the 21st of October too. Thats so funny that ures was early but mine was late but they ended up on the same day.


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