Make Halloween domino pendants using vinyl. This is a sponsored post.

Halloween domino pendants

I love to use game pieces to make jewelry with! I can’t pass up a game of Scrabble or a box of dominoes when I find them at Goodwill San Antonio. My game piece stash holds a big assortment of dominoes, ranging from wood to plastic, in all sizes.

halloween domino pendant

For this project, I used my largest dominoes (measuring 1 inch by 2 inches) to make some fun Halloween domino pendants. I used gorgeous and easy to cut vinyl from StyleTechCraft to make these pendants quickly and with no mess!

frankenstein necklace diy

Supplies Used to make Halloween Domino Pendants:

  • Luster and Ultra FX vinyl from StyleTechCraft
  • Transfer Tape
  • Dominoes
  • Jewelry Bails
  • Small nut bolts
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Vinyl Cutting Machine

First I made a rounded edge rectangle shape that was 1×2 inches in Silhouette Studio. Then I then filled each shape with a different design from my library. I already had the cat and pumpkin shapes, but I designed the Frankenstein shape myself.

Cut each shape/design from the desired color. I just LOVE the way Luster vinyl looks. It’s the perfect finish I wanted for this not too spooky project.

Weed the vinyl. This stuff cuts like a dream and I always love how easy it is to weed, even with tiny shapes like the ones I’m using on these pendants.

Use the transfer tape to first add the backgrounds to each domino tile.

Next add each element of the design one at a time.

Use E-6000 adhesive to attach jewelry bails to the backs of the Halloween domino pendants. For Frankenstein, glue on the nut bolts, too. Let the glue dry completely.

Halloween domino pendants

Add a simple leather cord or black elastic string to create a simple necklace for the Halloween domino pendants. I can’t wait to make a lot more of these with loads of different designs. They’re so fun and easy to make when you use vinyl! To see more fall themed projects using StyleTechCraft vinyl, visit the Designer Crafts Collection blog hop!




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