This DIY Samara Morgan costume from the movie The Ring will terrify everyone!

When my daughter learned about her upcoming school dance, she was thrilled! We both love Halloween and dressing up, and the possibility of winning a prize made this dance even more fun. She studied the categories for the prizes and decided she wanted to enter in the Scariest Costume category. Then we had to figure out which scary character she should be!

We went through a lot of different ideas, none that really seemed to catch her interest. Last weekend I happened to see that the movie The Ring was on Paramount Plus, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to watch. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it twice! My daughter has long black hair, making her the perfect Samara. Since she just turned 13 I thought the movie was still too scary for her to watch, so I showed her some still images from the movie and explained who Samara was. She loved the idea and was all in. Now I only had 5 days to get the costume ready!

DIY the ring costume

DIY Samara Morgan Costume Supplies

I made a short video to show how to dye the white dress. Because I was short on time I needed a quick dye process. After coloring the dress I hung it in the sun to mostly dry, then sped the process up in the dryer. Dipping the dress in the dyes and then pouring a watered down dye mixture over it made the dress look like it had been in a well with Samara.

@morenascorner Last minute costume DIY: Samara Morgan from The Ring 👻💀🎃 @Juliana 😱 won scariest costume with this look! #halloweencostume #halloweencostumeideas #diycostumes #thering #samara #samaramorgan #scary #creepy #horror #horrorcostumes ♬ Horror movie opening instrument(859680) – half-dim

After she put on the dress I used white and black Halloween makeup on her face, arms, and legs. My daughter won Scariest Costume with this look and was THRILLED! I’m so glad our last minute DIY costume worked out.

DIY Samara Morgan Costume


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