I love to ogle the Pottery Barn Kids catalog when it shows up in my mailbox, but I can’t bring myself to spend *that* much on some of their pieces.  I wanted to turn our breakfast nook into a family workspace where we could do homework and craft together, but I didn’t want to spend a lot on it.  By turning to PBK for inspiration and then shopping my house I was able to come up with a room I am very happy with!


This was an old poster frame that was on it’s way to Goodwill.  I found a dry erase board (24 by 36 inches) at Hobby Lobby that fit inside it.  I found the shelf/hook unit at Michael’s.  I used Colonial Red spray paint on both pieces to make them match, then hung them together so they look like one cohesive piece.


This was an old frame I used to hate.  Amazing what spray paint can do!  I had the calendar made with our family’s picture at Vistaprint for free.  One piece of wall art finished for almost nothing!


I spray painted this frame as well and used my Silhouette cutter to make the subway art (this clip art was purchased from the silhouette store).  I then used transfer tape to apply the vinyl directly to the glass.


For the art corner, I spray painted some wood pieces from Michael’s and cut them to frame an old magnet board I had purchased at IKEA years ago.  The magnets were made using old milk bottle caps purchased at a flea market.


A picture of the magnet board in progress.

Would you believe I only used one can of spray paint to paint everything?  Yeah!


The caddies were labeled as “CD Holders” at Michaels.  They were also spray painted, and then I added the craft buckets which I already had.  The kids love having easy access to their supplies!


And here is the room in action.  I love that we have a place where we can work and craft together, and have everything we need in easy reach!  I also love the fact that I was able to upcycle so many items I already had.  Instead of buying new things, I was able to give new purpose to things I thought I no longer needed.

I hope this inspires you to shop your house for your next project!  I hope you’ll visit my corner again, or  follow my blog!  Comments and suggestions are appreciated!


  1. What a pleasing place to craft and it was decorated by your redo’s! Perfect!
    I am hopping over from It’s So Very Cheri Blog Hop and am now following you on Linky Followers. I would love for you to visit (I am sharing an amazing cooking giveaway this week) and maybe a follow back.

  2. I love that corner, and from the pictures it looks like your kids do too! Thanks for linking to Bloggy Olympics.

  3. I love how you used ALL of the items to make a space that works for your family (love the bottle cap magnets on the bucket). I too used PBK as inspiration for my homework station that I created for my son {} – hope you have time to check it out.


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