Are you a nightmare before coffee? This heat change mug DIY is a fun way to show how you feel about mornings.

color change coffee cup

I really, really love the color change vinyl colors from StyleTech Craft. I’ve used the vinyls that change color when they get cold, like I did with this elegant moth cup and this fun Wonderland cup. Now that temps are dropping I get to break out their heat change vinyl!

heat changing color vinyl

Heat Change Mug DIY Supplies

transfer tape on coffee cup

I found the adorable cut file in the Silhouette Design Store. I purchased it and downloaded it. I cut the image from purple gloss vinyl. I made a circle that is slightly larger than the image and cut that from the orange color change vinyl.

transfer vinyl

Transfer the color change vinyl to the mug first. Weed the purple vinyl and then transfer that. The squeegee tool from StyleTech Craft is great at helping me get the vinyl on smoothly. No air bubbles…yay!

color change vinyl heat change mug DIY

The orange color of the heat change vinyl is perfect for Halloween and fall projects. I like it with purple, but I also want to use it with black vinyl for a more traditional Halloween look.

heat change mug DIY

When the vinyl gets hot (just add coffee or tea!) the vinyl magically changes color! It turns from orange to a vibrant yellow. I only filled my mug halfway so you can see all the colors. Isn’t it fun? I can’t wait to make more of these for the whole family to enjoy this fall. Have fun crafting and creating with color change vinyl!

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