Whew, another year has flown by!  I’m rapidly approaching my 3 year anniversary as a craft blogger, and I thought it was a good time to reflect on my crafty highs and lows from the last year.  Did I miss anything?

2014 Highlights

Top posts:  My most popular posts in 2014 included a light that looks like a cloud, a uniquely refinished table, and a fun recycling project.

Halloween is my holiday…and yours:  By far, however, my Halloween projects brought more traffic than any other posts!  Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday to craft for, and I always run out of time and don’t complete all the projects I have planned.  I’m so happy that other crafters respond well to my off the wall Halloween projects, whether it’s a creepy hair clip or a spooky toy.  You can find all my Halloween costumes and projects HERE.
New design team gigs!  I’m thrilled and honored to have been selected to join two new design teams in 2014.  You can find me at Blitsy and at Fairfield World‘s blogs, showing lots of fun new projects for you to try.  I’m also extremely happy to still be part of the design teams at Crafts Unleashed, Dollar Store Crafts, and Goodwill San Antonio.
Winning Plaid and Michael’s Mod Podge Christmas Contest:  I entered a fun Instagram based craft contest and won the grand prize, worth $500!  You can follow me on Instagram to see my entry.
Being surrounded by amazing pro bloggers:  It’s not easy being a newbie in the crafting/blogging world.  It’s like being a freshman in high school sometimes!  I owe a huge debt of thanks to “seniors” at Crafty Bloggy High for looking out for me and sharing their expertise with me.  To name just a few, I want to thank Heather at Dollar Store Crafts, Amanda at Crafts by Amanda, and two Amy’s, one at Mod Podge Rocks and one at Country Chic Cottage.  These savvy women are as kind as they are crafty!
Book feature:  OK, so it’s not my book and I can’t say much about it, but I’m so excited to have been asked to submit a project for an upcoming craft book.  It’s going to be such a cool book!  Details coming in the near future.
2014 Lowlights
Trolls and mean comments:  I’m looking at you, Hometalk Facebook page commenters!  I don’t mind constructive criticism, and I appreciate advice, but some people on the internet are just plain mean!  I’ve developed a pretty thick skin, but surely there’s a nicer way to say “it looks like a cat hacked up a fur ball”, right???  
Neon comeback:  I was in elementary school in the 80s when neon was all the rage, so seeing the neon trend labeled as “retro” made me feel OLD.  Plus, I really never like neon, so I’m glad to see that fad is passing.
Hard to keep pageviews consistent with social media changes:  I’m sure you’ve noticed that Facebook is making it harder for pages and fans to stay connected.  Pinterest has grown and it’s a little harder to “get noticed” there, too.  As the crafty online community grows, it’s getting harder to stand out.  The upside is all the new, fabulous ideas to be inspired by.  If only there was an easier way for all of us to stay connected!

Not enough time!  I think we all feel this way.  There are so many projects on my to-do list and ways I want to update this site.  I’ve been trying to organize my “tutorials” page for over a year now.  Oops!

I’m looking forward to a year full of crafts and online friendships!  Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


  1. That’s an adorable picture of you – so cute! I love reading about what you create, Morena! You are so talented and you had a great 2014! Looking forward to more terrific and creative ideas from you in 2015!


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