What kid (or adult) doesn’t love bubbles? Now that summer’s here, many of us are looking for easy ways to keep our kids entertained.  Homemade bubbles and bubble solution to the rescue!
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My children have so much fun outside, blowing and popping bubbles.  We go through a lot of bubble solution!  To save money and clean up time, I came up with this solution.

I buy bulk size laundry detergent, and the dispenser it comes in is perfect for cleanly delivering liquids.  I painted the outside and filled it with homemade bubble solution for hours of outdoor fun.


  • Detergent Dispenser
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray Paint
  • Crafter’s paint

Step one:  Cover the dispenser nozzle with painter’s tape, then pray paint the container.  You can remove the label, but I just painted the label white, then covered it with the yellow spray paint, so the label wouldn’t show through the yellow paint.

Step two:  Use crafter’s paint to decorate the container.  I used a stencil to make polka dots and the add the lettering.

Step three:  Fill the container with your favorite bubble solution!  Our homemade recipe is 10 cups water, 4 cups dishwashing soap, and one cup corn syrup.  I doubled the recipe to fill this container.

Set the bubble dispenser outside, and provide containers (I used plastic tumblers) and wands.  The kids can fill their cups as needed and start blowing bubbles!  I also found that this dispenser makes it easier for me to fill my little bubble machine.  Less mess to clean up means more time to play!  Have fun crafting and creating!



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