Make Stitch ears (or any animal ears) headbands using this tutorial. This Stitch ears tutorial is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

stitch ears tutorial

As I mentioned in this party post, my daughter adores Stitch from the Disney film Lilo and Stitch. She really wanted Stitch ears to wear at her party. I couldn’t find any, so I decided to make my own. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make your own animal ears headband!

Supplies used in this Stitch ears tutorial:

I traced the ears on her Stitch doll to make a template, but you can search online for animal ear templates as well.

Cut the ears out from the blue and purple cuddle fabric squares.  You need two of each color. Place one of each color together with the wrong sides facing out.

Stitch around the curved edges, but leave the bottom straight edge open.

Flip the ears inside out.

Trace the ears on the Support Soft Foam Stabilizer.  Cut the stabilizer so it is smaller than the ear.  This is what will keep the ears perky and upright.

Slip the stabilizer into the ear, and fold the bottom edges over as pictured.  Stitch them in place.

stitch ears tutorial

Stitch the ears to the headband.  I looped through the ears and around the headband to hold them in place till the next step.

Cut a piece of blue cuddle fabric to wrap around the headband.  Start at the base of one side and stitch the fabric closed.  I love to use cuddle fabric because the stitches disappear and are hidden in the fuzzy, soft fabric.

stitch ears tutorial

Continue all the way around until the headband is covered.

stitch ears tutorial

This headband is so soft and fuzzy…just like Stitch!

stitch ears tutorial

You could easily adapt this tutorial to make cat ears, bunny ears, or any other animal ears headband you like.  Have fun crafting and creating your own costume headbands!


  1. Any way you can make a YouTube video of these steps? And also how to make Disney ears ? This way as well? Thank you


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