This painted nightstand DIY tutorial is one fun way to give old furniture a new look!

painted nightstand tutorial

I found this cute little nightstand at Goodwill for just a few dollars. It was in great shape so I didn’t have to do anything to prep it! The paint I used doesn’t require that you prime or sand the surface it’s going on. Which is great for impatient people like me who just want to jump into a project!

Painted Nightstand DIY Supplies

Wipe down the nightstand to remove dust & dirt before you paint it.
Paint the nightstand with Soft Silver paint. Let the first layer of paint dry completely before adding the next layer of paint.
Use the painters tape to make stripes on one half of the nightstand. Mark the bottom of the front right leg of the stand with tape also.
Paint over the taped sections with Charcoal paint. After one application has dried add a second layer of paint. When the paint is dried, carefully peel off the tape. Use a smaller brush to correct any strays.
Paint the remainder of the stand with Turquoise paint. Make curved lines to connect the turquoise “paint spill” to the rigid stripes on half the stand. Again, let the first layer dry and then add a second application of color. Keep adding layers as needed to get an even application of color.
This looks so cute in my daughter’s room! It adds a fun punch of color to the room, and it’s just the right size for holding her Alexa and a bottle of water at night.
I originally created this project for the DecoArt website as a member of their Outside Artist Design Team. 


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