This DIY tornado costume is unique and easy to make! The super light materials used make this costume easy to wear, and your little twister will be flying all over the place on Halloween night.

how to make a tornado costume

Tornado Costume Tutorial Supplies

I made a very short video tutorial to explain how to make this tornado costume step-by-step. Here’s a very brief summary of how I made it, and the video has more detail:

  1. Place the laundry hamper on a dress form with the bottom side up. Tape or glue the pool noodle on top.
  2. Cut holes for the arms in the hamper.
  3. Cover the hamper with a white sheet, then place the quilt batting sheet over that.
  4. Cut and glue or tie the sides to create arms and a tapered base.
  5. Twist remnant batting to make “stripes” that swirl around the form.
  6. Glue tufts of Poly-Fil Dark onto the costume, between the batting “swirls” from step 5.
  7. Hot glue tufts of white Poly-Fil Fiber Fill over the dark. Let the glue cool and then fluff and adjust the two battings to merge together.
  8. Hot glue the embellishments onto the tornado.
  9. Cut an “x” in the fabric at the top of the costume to create a hole for the child’s head to go through.

DIY tornado costume

My son is so excited to wreak havoc with this Halloween costume! The second he put it on he was twirling all over the yard and shouting “I’m a tornado!” Thanks to the ultra light materials used he’ll be able to spin and run around comfortable in this DIY Halloween costume.

make a tornado costume


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