Faux Concrete Decor Made with Cushion Foam: easier than you think!

Create the cutest home decor without needing a mold! Foam is at the core of this adorable Spring themed decor. Foam is easy to cut and shape, so you could make a huge variety of shapes to use for decor all year round.
cute faux concrete decor DIY

Concrete decor is very heavy and you risk damaging your wood surfaces with them. Use household cushion foam with stone mix to create beautiful, faux stone decor that is light and easy to move and store.

faux concrete decor tutorial

Faux Concrete Decor Supplies

  • 5” Project Foam
  • 1” Project Foam
  • Support Stabilizer
  • Flower Die and Die Cutting Machine
  • Rabbit Template
  • Stepping Stone Mix
faux concrete flowers tutorial
Small concrete flowers
Use a flower die to cut the shapes out from Support Stabilizer.
Roll the flowers and sew the base to form the flower.
Mix the stone mix according to the package instructions. Dip the flower into the mix, and squeeze out the excess. Use a gloved finger or craft stick to smooth more of the mixture onto the flowers. Set the flowers aside to dry overnight.
Sand the rough edges if needed, and paint if desired.
concrete bunny easter DIY
Concrete Bunny Decor
Print the bunny shape out, and trim around the edges to make a template.
bunny template
Place the template on the 1” foam and trace it with a marker.

cut bunny from foam

Use sharp scissors to cut out the bunny shape.
Mix the stone mix according to the package instructions. Dip the rabbit in the mixture and squeeze out the excess. Use a palette knife to smooth more of the mixture over the rabbit form. Let it dry completely.
Sand and paint the rabbit as desired, or leave it as is and add a ribbon bow to the neck.
faux cement bird house
Concrete birdhouse planters
Cut the 5” foam into a column that is 5” wide.
cut foam
Use a ruler and marker to draw the front of the birdhouse on the foam. Cut the shape out using an electric meat cutter.
faux stone bird house
Cut behind the points of the roof to hollow out a section at the top.
Cut two slabs of foam for the roof and cut out a section as pictured.
Dip each of the pieces into the stone mix. Assemble the house and use the mix to affix the roof to the house. Slather more stone mix onto the sides and roof of the bird house.
Let it dry completely before decorating or painting.
how to make faux concrete decor
I originally published this project on Fairfield World‘s site, where I am one of their Master Makers.


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