This faux candy gingerbread house looks good enough to eat, but I promise that it’s calorie free!  I combined several mini ornaments with a wood gingerbread house and Mod Podge Collage Clay to create this sweet piece of holiday decor.


Supplies Used to Make the Faux Candy House:


step-1 step-4

Step one:  Use a pallet knife to spread the Strawberry Pink Collage Clay on the roof and the walls of the the wood gingerbread house.

ste-2a step-2b

Step two:  Use the Chocolate Drizzle Paint to make small dots on the corners of the “tiles” of the roof. Then use the Vanilla Drizzle Paint to make more candy dots on the roof to create a pattern.

step-3 step-3b

Step three:  Use the Vanilla Collage Clay with the star shaped tip (it comes with the product) to pipe the clay onto the edge of the roof and chimney.  You apply the product the same way you would with edible icing:  squeeze the bag that the product comes in to apply the clay.

Step four:  Drizzle the Drizzle paint on the roof just for fun!

Step five:  Paint the windows and door frame white with the Vanilla drizzle paint.  Use the Cherry Drizzle paint to add peppermint stripes.


Step six:  Embellish the corners and base of the house by piping on more collage clay.


Step seven:  Add a bit of collage clay to the back of the mini ornaments to attach them to the gingerbread house.


Step eight: Once the clay has dried, use a hot glue gun to attach the mini ornament lights to the roof.


My kids keep asking me if they can eat this!  That’s how realistic the “icing” looks.  I’m buying more wood bird houses so that each of my kids can make their own fun, faux candy houses this holiday season! Have fun crafting and creating for the holidays!


This post was first published at the Darice blog Live.Craft.Log as part of their design team.


  1. Hey Morena, I love this idea! I have plenty o of the collage clay I picked when Michael’s was selling it out. I was thinking of doing the same with a hollow egg for Easter… Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    • Thank you, Patricia! I have a project using Collage Clay and an Easter egg. It was a lot of fun to make. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  2. So cool! I’ve never heard of Collage Clay before and I’m pretty sure they don’t have it at our local store. I’ll have to check when I’m on the Mainland next month!


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