Does your child love the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch? Make this cute Stitch Valentine box for them to use at their class party.

My daughter is crazy about the Disney character Stitch from the sweet movie called Lilo and Stitch. You might remember that I’ve posted about the two Lilo and Stitch themed birthday parties she has had so far! She was tasked to decorate a box or bag at home to bring to school for her class’ Valentine’s day party, and of course she chose to make a box that looked like Stitch! I had found a very simple idea online for her to follow, but she had bigger plans. Together we dug through my craft stash and came up with this idea.

Stitch valentine box

Supplies used to make a Stitch Valentine Box:

  • Large family sized cereal box
  • Oly-Fun Fabric in Sky Blue
  • DCWV cardstock paper pack
  • Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive
  • Glue gun

I started by wrapping the box with three sheets of Oly-Fun fabric. I used hot glue to stick them to the box, and folded and glued the edges under.

I drew the ears on cardstock, then cut them out. I traced them on the Oly-Fun and cut that as well. I used the Creative Station to add adhesive to the cardstock and stuck the fabric on top. I did the same with purple cardstock. Hot glue the ears to the box.

I cut the eyes, nose, and belly from cardstock, and used the Creative Station to stick all the pieces to the box.

For the hands and feet, cut the shapes from both cardstock and the Oly-Fun. The arms are rectangles with a circle on the end. The feet are just round circle-like objects. Use hot glue to attach the fabric covered arms and feet to the box.

Cut rounded triangles from cardstock to make the claws. Hot glue them on.

The shapes are basic enough that you can draw them yourself with pencil. Once you put the pieces together you start to see the cute Stitch figure emerge. I even glued a circle on the back of the box to make his little tail. My daughter is so tickled with her Stitch Valentine box and can’t wait to take it to school!


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