carnivalYou can’t have a vintage themed party without some old fashioned carnival games!  Read on to learn some easy ways to put a carnival in your back yard!

The kids had a BLAST at our carnival.  I was kind of surprised that they enjoyed it as much as they did, because it was so hot outside, but thrilled that they had so much fun.
I purchased colorful plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree and clipped them onto a rope.  It was breezy so I had to weigh the ends down with rocks.
My son had made signs for the games, so we taped those onto the plastic and set small tables up.
I had purchased a pack of carnival tickets at the Dollar Tree, so I gave a stack to each adult volunteer and the fun began!
This was the most popular game:  Water Blast!
We nailed a piece of recycled packing foam to wood, inserted several golf tees, and balanced a golf ball on top.  The kids used a water blaster to knock the balls down.  The number they knocked down determined how many tickets they’d receive.

The spinning wheel was very popular, too.  You had to complete the action in the section it landed on to earn tickets.  My husband had purchased the wheel some time ago on Amazon.

The ring toss was fun, especially for the little ones.  All we needed was a recycled glass bottle and a pack of round plastic bracelets from Dollar Tree.

Hoop Shot was fun.  Sink a basket to earn a ticket!

Knock Down was a hit, too.  Plastic glasses from Dollar Tree were stacked in a triangle shape (3 on bottom, 2 in the middle, 1 on top) and the kids had to try to knock everything off the table using a toy football.

We had eight games in total.  In addition to the ones I listed we played:

Gone Fishing (first picture in the post):  an old tank and a plastic fishing game from Dollar Tree.

Blast Off:  Three plastic cups had to be knocked off a table using a water shooter.

Clothespin Drop:  Attempt to drop a clothespin into a glass jar while standing behind a line and keeping your arm straight.

The carnival was a LOT of fun, inexpensive to put together, and easy to set up.  For more inexpensive carnival games, check out THIS tutorial.

The kids were excited to earn tickets to redeem at the prize booth (more on that tomorrow!)

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Hope to see you back tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for this post! We are having a neighborhood picnic at my house next week. I needed some quick and easy ideas. Thanks for coming through for me:)


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