Pinwheels are easy to make and are perfect for party favors, decor, or photo props!  Read on to learn how to make your own!

Welcome to another tutorial in my “Vintage Book Party” themed week!  All week I’ll be sharing ideas based on the party I threw for two of my kids!
I used Little Golden Books, since they fit with my theme.
First, I removed the pages from the book and cut them into squares.
Then, measuring on the diagonal, I cut slits in each of the four corners, leaving an inch in the middle uncut.

Fold opposite corners in to the middle so they overlap.  Punch a hole through the center.

Punch a hole into the end of a straw, and use a brad to attach the pinwheel to the straw.

I filled recycled glass jars with pinwheels to use as table decor.  They looked so cute!

Then, as the children left, I gave them each a pinwheel to take.  The ones that were left were used as photo props at my son’s first birthday photo shoot.

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Hope to see you back tomorrow!


  1. Hi Anonymous,

    Trust me, as a book lover, I understand! I would never take apart a valuable or useable book. My projecs are made with books that have been well loved and are usually falling apart. What better way to extend their usefullness than by repurposing them? I feel better reusing the beautiful words and images instead of throwing them away.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I love this idea. I cut up books all the time. I’m also a book lover and have hundreds of them and take great pride in them. But there comes a time when books are no longer viable. That’s when it’s great to repurpose them so they keep on living and giving joy! Besides that, not all books are worth leaving whole.


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