These blood bank party favors are easy to make and such a fun treat for kids! Learn how to make this fun Halloween treat.

blood bank party favors DIY

I wish you could have heard my kids giggle when I handed them these treats! First they asked excitedly what it was, then they laughed out loud when I told them they were Pop Rocks and they could eat them. These blood bank party favors are a fun treat you can make to give your kids.

pop rocks Halloween party favors

The large party favor syringes and Pop Rocks were found at Dollar Tree, making this a very budget friendly project. The cool printable labels saved me a ton of time, since all I had to do was print and cut…no need to design anything.

make Halloween blood bank party favors

Blood Bank Party Favors Supplies

Xyron creative station with laminate and adhesive refill

I printed the blood bank labels out on regular printer paper at home. I then rolled them through my Xyron Creative Station using the Laminate + Adhesive refill. This protects the printed surface and turns the label into a sticker. I trimmed the label out, peeled off the backing, and then stuck the label on the party favor syringes.

Party favor syringes filled with Pop Rocks

All that’s left to do is to open a packet of Pop Rocks and pour them into the party favors. Remove the end of the syringe, and pour in the candy. Don’t fill the tube all the way or you won’t be able to fit the end of the syringe back in. The Pop Rocks won’t fit through the end of the syringe, so kids have to open the back end and pour the candy into their mouths.

Once they were, done, my kids used the blood bank party favors to drink fruit punch with. Ha! They’ll have fun with these syringes for days. Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!


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