Make faux smoke bomb pumpkins for unique photo shoots and home decor. This is a sponsored post.

I recently came across smoke bomb pumpkins while scrolling through Pinterest. People carve pumpkins and drop a colorful smoke bomb inside the cavity of the pumpkin to create a cool effect that is awesome for photo shoots. I immediately headed to Amazon to order smoke bombs and found they were back ordered. Boo!

As I looked at the images, I realized I could create a similar effect using Poly-Fil. I have used Poly-Fil to create smoke effects in the past, and I have even painted the product to make a fun Thing 1 and Thing 2 wig. I realized that I could make my own faux smoking pumpkins that would last longer and be easier to work with than the actual smoking ones!

smoking pumpkin tutorial

It’s August and pumpkins aren’t exactly popping up on the shelves yet, so I made do with miniature pumpkins from my mom’s vegetable garden. I can’t wait to make this project again using full size pumpkins and even with foam pumpkins. These faux smoke bomb pumpkins mean that you don’t have to rush your photo shoot. You can take lots of pictures without worrying about the smoke running out. They are also great for creating unique decor! You can place these on your mantle or in your home without smoking up the place!

faux smoke bomb pumpkin Halloween DIY

Faux Smoke Bomb Pumpkins Supplies

Check out my short video tutorial to see exactly how I made these faux smoke bomb pumpkins:

I’d love to see your photos if you try this project! I can’t wait to make a bunch of these to decorate with for Halloween. Have fun crafting and creating pumpkin decor this fall!

how to make faux smoke bomb pumpkins



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