This colorful peg doll DIY will make cute decor for a nursery or child’s room!

This Grimm's inspired project

I fell in love with Grimm’s colorful wood doll friends but did not fall in love with the price.  These cute, colorful dolls are used to help teach young kids skills like sorting and counting.

grimm's inspired knock off

You can easily recreate these dolls by painting unfinished wood dolls with brilliant wood dye.  These sweet little “people” make great teaching tools as well as pretty room decor.  I decided to make a simple hot air balloon for my wood dolls to decorate my son’s room with.

colorful peg people decor DIY

Colorful Peg Doll DIY Supplies

  • Darice Wood Doll Body – 3.5 inches
  • Ultra Dye
  • Mini Wood Basket
  • Darice Paper Lantern – 8 Inches
  • Twine
paint the peg doll with Ultra Dye
Using a flat brush, add the dye to the body of the peg doll.  First go around the neck area to make the collar, then brush down the length of the body to fill it in with color.
Set it aside to dry and paint a different color on the next peg wood doll.  Repeat with all the desired colors. I painted 7 dolls.
painted peg dolls
When the body has dried, you can paint the little caps on the doll’s heads.  Using a flat brush, first paint in a circle around the head to make the edge of the cap.  Then fill in the rest with an even application of dye.
DIY hot air balloon decor
Cut four pieces of twine that are 8 inches long each.  Tie one end around each corner of the basket.
paper lantern air balloon
Hot glue each of the four pieces of twine to the bottom of the paper lantern.
Colorful Peg Doll DIY with hot air balloon
The dolls and the balloon are very simple and colorful.  These simple peg people are always such a hit with kids. They love to make up stories with them!
Colorful Peg Doll DIY
This would look great in a modern baby nursery or in a preschooler’s room.  It would be fun to make up stories about each of the people and where they are going in their bright hot air balloon!  Have fun crafting and creating whimsical home decor for your children!
I originally created this project and post for the Darice blog, as a member of their design team.


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