Learn how to make an axolotl plush DIY plus two other pocket pets! This is a sponsored post.

My son has been obsessed with axolotls lately, those cute little endangered critters! I thought it would be fun to make him an itty bitty version, complete with a little case to carry it in. I used ultra-plush filler from Fairfield World.

axolotl plush diy

With Earth Day being this month, I wanted to add some recyclables to this project. Repurposed mint tins make the perfect “home” for these pocket pets. Add a little “wallpaper” and a blanket to complete this project. These cute little plushies are ready to go with you anywhere!

axolotl plush diy

Axolotl Plush DIY Supplies

Please see the short video for the complete tutorial!

axolotl plush diy

I also made a tiny hippo and a fun one-eyed monster plush. They all follow the same basic steps:

hippo plush

make a plush

  1. Print the patterns out (the axolotl is below, the hippo is here, and the monster is here).
  2. Trace and cut the patterns from felt.
  3. Use embroidery floss to sew the pieces together.
  4. Fill with Pol-Fil Fiber Fill.
  5. Sew the plushie closed.
  6. Decorate the tin with paper and fabric.
  7. Make a blanket using felt.

monster plush in a tin

Felt plushies are a fun way for kids to learn how to sew by hand. Choose a simple pattern, like the axolotl, so they can learn the joy of crafting! My daughter’s first handmade plush was a simple little duck, but it hooked her!

tiny axolotl plush diy

Smaller projects like these are great because kids don’t get bored and lose interest before they are done. It’s a little bit of instant gratification and a little bit of patience all rolled into one cute, cuddly project. Have fun crafting and creating pocket plushies!

axolotl plush pattern


    • I’m glad you found that pattern! I’ll work on making a tutorial for that one and get it up within the next month!


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