This party skeleton decor is a cute, quick project for Halloween!

halloween mini skeleton

This was a fun little project I made last year using some printables I received. I just love the teeny tiny skeletons that come as a garland at Dollar Tree. I snip them apart and have fun giving them makeovers. This one is ready to party!

party on skeleton

Party Skeleton Decor Supplies

party skeleton DIY

  1. Use a soft cloth the “dust” the skeleton with the gold luster wax. This gives it a pretty shine for party time!
  2. Print the embellishments on a 4×6 matte photo card.
  3. Fussy cut the pieces out.
  4. Glue some embellishments onto a piece of baker’s twine to make a fun garland for the skelly to hold.
  5. Create wings from the tree embellishments, and a hat with a bat. Glue all the pieces on.

This funny party guy sits at the top of our orange Halloween tree. Right where it belongs!

Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!


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