This DIY Peeps Fascinator hat for Easter is the perfect fashion accessory for any event (if you have my sense of humor)! This is a sponsored post with Styletech Craft vinyl.

peeps easter hat

Behold the perfect Easter hat! Colorful, eye-catching, and it turns into a snack! A friend sent me a hilarious photo of a Peeps dress, and it inspired me to work with Peeps on a smaller scale. I decided to make a fascinator, inspired by royalty, to show off my Peeps. This cute project is easy to make and will absolutely turn heads.

peeps easter fascinator tutorial

Instead of waiting for paint to dry, I used vinyl. StyleTech Craft’s Metalized and Ultra Metallic are amazing. You have to see the incredible finish and sparkle for yourself…photos just don’t do it justice. This hat looks even more amazing in person thanks to the gorgous vinyl finish!styletech craft glitter vinyl

DIY Peeps Fascinator Supplies

  • 4-5 inch round cardboard box top
  • Headband
  • Craft Wire
  • Vinyl in various colors
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Peeps
  • Other candy (jellybeans, etc.)
  • A sense of humor

peeps cut from vinyl

I traced an image of Peeps bunny candy to create my cut file. I cut pink and yellow peeps out of the vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo. I traced the top onto the green glitter vinyl and smoothed it on to the cardboard using my vinyl tools.

vinyl eggs

I cut some eggs from the glitter vinyl and decorated the top with them. You can’t really see them under the peeps, but they add a fun hint of color and design to the hat.

DIY easter hat with peeps

Poke four holes in the cardboard top. Take two pieces of wire and wrap them around the headband.

easter hat DIY

Poke the wire through the holes in the top and twist them to hold them in place. Use the four wire “prongs” to skewer the leaves, flowers, and peeps.

Peeps easter hat DIY

The ends of the wire are hidden in the peeps. Be careful with small children, and consider taping or hiding the ends in jellybeans if needed. The sides of the peeps are sticky, so I just pushed some jellybeans and candy onto the gooey marshmallow and they stuck.

DIY Peeps Fascinator

Happy Easter!

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