This Valentine pencil printable is a cute and unique idea for kids!

My kids are obsessed with mechanical pencils. Who can blame them? It’s nice to have a pencil with a precise point that never needs sharpening. My son likes them so much that he wanted to give them out as Valentines in his second grade class this year. That’s how I came up with this Valentine pencil printable.

valentine pencil printable tutorial

I love the idea of giving out pencils instead of junk toys that will end up in the trash or more candy. This is an inexpensive item to hand out that kids will be able to use right away!

Supplies used to make the Valentine Pencil Printable Gift

  • Free Printable (for personal use and not to sell)
  • Printable, perforated postcard paper
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Washi Tape

Free Printable Valentine

Click and save my free printable. I decided to add my son’s name to his before I printed them. It just saves so much time this way! We already have a lot to do, between addressing the Valentines, assembling them, and making a Valentine box, that this little bit helps. You can print as is or edit the printable to add a signature.

I designed the image to fit on postcard paper. You might remember when I used them to make Valentines for teachers last year. I also used the paper for my Kindness Bingo cards. The paper is pre-perforated so all you have to do is print, fold on the lines, and separate the cards.

My son addressed the cards with his friend’s names, then slid the mechanical pencil over the top of the card. He used a small piece of washi tape on the back, over the pencil clip, the make sure the pencil didn’t fall off the card.

valentine pencil printable

This was one of the quickest, most affordable Valentines we have ever made! Other printables I have made in the past for Valentines are scratch off Valentines and wine tags. Have fun crafting and creating for Valentine’s Day!



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