This dinosaur Valentine DIY is a fun gift to make or decor to create. Handmade flowers are the perfect finishing touch! This a sponsored post.

Dinosaur Valentine DIY

Crafting with thrifted and discarded plastic toys never gets old to me. When I received the adorable new Petite Posies die from Maker’s Movement, I started imagining who would hold these cute little flowers. Well, dinosaurs of course! Rawr…be mine!

Dinosaur Valentine DIY

I used tissue paper to make my flowers, so they would look delicate and realistic. I always save tissue paper from presents to use for crafting. The die cut through multiple layers of the paper at once so it was really easy to make multilayered flowers with tissue paper.

Dinosaur Valentine DIY

Supplies Used for this Dinosaur Valentine DIY

  • Petite Posies Die Set
  • Plastic dinosaurs
  • Color Shift Paint in Dragon Flash and Red Flash
  • Tissue Paper
  • Craft Wire
  • Beads

Paint the dinosaurs. I used Color Shift Paint so they would have an iridescent quality to them. The shimmer is really pretty and perfect for a Valentine.

Dinosaur Valentine DIY

Die cut the flowers from tissue paper. I had 8 sheets of red tissue paper and two sheets of green on the bottom. I used my Crossover II die cutting machine to cut the shapes out.

Use a sewing pin to make a hole in the center of the tissue paper flower.

Cut 3-4 inches of craft wire and twist one end around a bead to make the center of the flower.

Pass the wire through the center of the flower, using the hole you made in the previous step. Scrunch and rotate the layers of tissue paper to create the dimensional flower.

Dinosaur Valentine DIY

Twist the wire on the back to keep the flower from sliding down.

Wrap the wire ends around the dinosaur’s hands.

Cut a piece of tissue paper to wrap around the flowers. Tie the base of the tissue paper with some string.

The flowers are easy to rotate and rearrange. How cute is the little dino with flowers?

Dinosaur Valentine DIY

Have fun crafting and creating this dinosaur Valentine DIY for your friends and loved ones!

Dinosaur Valentine DIY


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