This X-ray lamp DIY is a unique way to upcycle an old lamp to create unique decor! This is a sponsored post.

how to make an X-ray lamp

I’ve wanted to make an x-ray lamp DIY for ages but didn’t have any x-rays to use. When I found these awesome x-ray printables I realized I didn’t need x-rays…I could print my own! Possibly my FAVORITE product from is their clear label sheets. I have used these for multiple projects, like these journal labels, and they never let me down. The ink goes on perfectly and doesn’t smear on the glossy finish. Check out how cool the x-rays turned out when printed on the clear labels!

make an x-ray lamp with printables

X-Ray Lamp DIY Supplies List clear labels printable

Print the x-ray printable on the clear label sheets. Cut the x-ray images out, using the black lines on the printable as guides.

Print the folder images and tags on the cardstock. Cut them out. Use a craft knife to cut out the center of the folders.

upcycle a lamp with x-rays

Disassemble the lamp. My lamp shade was already broken so it was easy to remove the center piece. I glued the arms of the lampshade holder onto an embroidery hoop.

xyron creative station lite laminate

After I placed the clear label x-ray in the folders, I used my Xyron Creative Station to laminate them. This is an optional step. If you don’t laminate you can instead place a piece of vellum or another clear label behind the printed label.

x-ray lamp DIY tutorial

I used jewelry pliers and jump rings to attach the x-rays together. I added the tags at the bottom to make an appropriate fringe for the bottom of this lamp.

how to make an x-ray lamp DIY project

This lamp looks cool lit and unlit! This piece would be fun for a medical student or science fan’s desk. It could also be a cool steampunk piece, or even Halloween decor! Have fun crafting and creating when you use clear printable labels and your imagination!


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