Make CarnEvil vinyl signs to set the stage for spooky fun Halloween decor! This is a sponsored post.

Carnevil Halloween spooky decor

I am thrilled to finally share my theme for Halloween this year: CarnEvil! What’s not to love about candy and creepy clowns? I wanted to make my decor spooky but not too scary for my younger kids. This strikes a balance between scary and fun. I used colorful carnival themed decor and gave it a Halloween twist.

creepy clowns Carnevil Halloween decor

I’ll be sharing a lot about this set up between now and Halloween, but today I’m sharing how I made my own labels and signs. StyleTechCraft vinyl made it easy to customize my decor.

Halloween decor CarnEvil Vinyl Signs

I started with this directional carnival sign and embellished it with StyleTechCraft’s transparent vinyl. I like that this vinyl has a see through look that could resemble slime or any kind of liquid. I used a spooky font to add words like “poisoned” and “fatal” to the sign. These CarnEvil vinyl signs help make the scene more creepy.

rotten candy Carnevil vinyl signs candy display

Of course I have to have candy and treats for trick or treaters, and I used vinyl to give these typical Halloween or festival items a CarnEvil twist.  This tray has been labeled “rotten candy” instead of cotton candy!

add vinyl to candy tray

First I traced the front of the tray onto a piece of slime green transparent vinyl. I removed the backing and smoothed the vinyl onto the tray front.

transfer vinyl to candy tray

I cut and weeded the text from blood red transparent vinyl, and used transfer tape to add the lettering to the tray.

pluck pond Halloween CarnEvil vinyl signs

I always like to make sure I have non-food treats for all the kiddos who have food allergies. Instead of a duck pond, I made a pluck pond. Kids can pluck an eyeball duck from the water to take home and play with. I love the way the galvanized tin shines through the transparent vinyl lettering.

Halloween Carnival Carnevil creepy clowns decor

Little personal touches with vinyl help turn a regular carnival into a CarnEvil! I’ll share more about how I put together this decor in future posts. Have fun crafting and decorating for Halloween!



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