These shoes started out as plain ol’ $1 flip flops from Walmart.  With a little magic (ok, maybe just some craft supplies and a touch of ingenuity) I turned them into my new favorite footwear.
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IMG_4571I actually had other plans for these flip flops, but when I couldn’t find the materials I wanted in my stash I started looking for alternatives.  I love the end result, and I can’t believe how comfortable these flip flops are!!
Supplies needed:
flip flops
large ric rac 
Mod Podge for Fabric
Mod Podge Sparkle


1.  Cut off the plastic straps and cover the flip flop with fabric and Mod Podge
as I explained in this tutorial.
2.  Cut two pieces of ric rac and weave to make one ribbon.
3.  Insert ends of ribbon in holes as pictured.
4.  Tie FOE (fold over elastic) around the center of the ric rac ribbon and push through the hole.  Tie in a knot on the underside.
5.  Tie knots in the ric rac ribbon and trim.  Secure ends with glue. It’s not pictured here, but after the glue is dry I pull the knot into the hole where the plastic knob used to be.
5.  For some “bling”,  I painted Mod Podge Sparkle on the ric rac.  This is stiff and scratchy so ONLY put it on the top where it won’t touch your skin.
Hit the beach with your new flip flops!

The Mod Podge for Fabric dries to a very soft finish, unlike the regular Mod Podge formula.  My shoes are very comfortable and the fabric isn’t stiff or slick.  I have worn them for a week with no issues!  I am taking them to the beach next and can’t wait to see how they hold up.

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  1. I am loving these! How cleaver using that ric rac! I have some old flip flops in need of some refashioning!

    • You pull them into the hole where the plastic “knob” was. It’s actually much more comfortable than the hard plastic piece that the flip flips are made with. I’ve made several pair for myself and my kids and no complaints.


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