It’s hard to craft for guys.  But here’s an idea he might like:  a personalized stamped metal guitar pick key chain.

I’m still a novice when it comes to metal stamping, but I’ve found there are some basic projects, like this idea, that you can make fairly easily.  Since I’m still learning, I’ll just point you to the post that got me started.  Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects makes a lot of cool jewelry, including metal stamped projects.  She wrote a great post for anyone just getting started stamping, and I recommend that you start there if you’re a beginner.  You can find her instructional post here.

Since I’m cheap frugal, I started with the bare minimum.  Here are my supplies for this project (click on the product for a link to where I purchased it):


Vintaj blank guitar pick
Alphabet stamps
Black Sharpie
Tim Holtz Swivel Clasps

I don’t have a steel block yet (I know, it’s on my long craft wish list!) so I hammer on my concrete garage floor.  That’s probably why I’m not getting the best impression.

The process is pretty easy.


Step one:  Decide on the placement of your symbols.  Place the stamp on the blank, and hit it just once, firmly.

Step two:  Continue with the rest of the letters/characters until you are done.  With this gift, I used the couple’s initials.  Yes, it says S & M.

Step three:  Fill in the letters with a black sharpie marker.  Wipe off the excess.

Step four:  Attach the swivel clasp to the pick.

You could also do a name or word and put this on a necklace as a pendant.  I made one for my nephew last summer and he loved it.  I simply used hemp cord to make a very simple yet masculine necklace.

Looking for more crafty gift ideas for guys?  Check here!


  1. I seen Adrianne’s metal stamp work also; she does do a great job and offer a lot of tips. I really want to get into metal stamping myself. Your guitar pic looks really good. It is the perfect “guy” color.

  2. Oooh, I love that keychain!! I will have to add some of those to my stash. It looks great. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out!!


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