This leaf bowl video tutorial will show you exactly how I make one of my most popular projects ever!

My first design team job was with a fabulous team called Crafts Unleashed. One of our assignments was to take a popular Pinterest project “craft fail” and make it work.

leaf bowl tutorial for fall decor

I had seen many comments from people who had tried to make a leaf bowl and failed. The popular Pinterest project was made using a balloon as a base. Complaints I read included having a hard time getting the balloon off or, more commonly, having the project collapse when the balloon deflated.

Armed with others bad experiences, I looked for a solution. I came up with a winning idea, and shared it on Crafts Unleashed. The project became immensely popular and took off.

morena's corner leaf bowl DIY
My content that was copied
hallmark ripped me off
The text that Hallmark stole from my tutorial.








My project was such a success that even the Hallmark Channel ripped it off. Seriously. I’m still pretty bitter about that, since their post ranks higher than mine in search results and steals traffic from my site. The Hallmark Channel made their project using a balloon, but the text on their website is a copy/paste of my tutorial. The completely ripped it off. I have contacted them, and even consulted an attorney, but the issue isn’t resolved.

leaf bowl DIY candle holders

Anyways, I’ve gone on to teach this project at a craft class I offered at my local library and my students LOVED it. Since the project is still so popular after all these years, I thought it was time to make a video to answer some of the questions I often get about making a leaf bowl.

I hope you’ll enjoy this leaf bowl video tutorial! I show you all the supplies you need for the project, as well as give you step by step instructions. I even throw in my secret for speeding up drying time. Enjoy!

Leaf Bowl Video Tutorial Supplies

  • Bowl
  • Artificial leaves
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Mod Podge


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