I’m sure you’ve seen the adorable lace crowns that seem to be all the rage on Pinterest.  I just love them, and I’ve made quite a few.

I figured out a way to paint and glitter my lace crowns all in one step, with the use of Glamour Dust!  With this shortcut, you’ll be making lots of adorable crowns in no time.

Materials needed:

Step one:  Mix the fabric stiffener with Glamour Dust Paint. Use approximately a 1 to 1 ratio, with slightly less paint than fabric siffener.

Step two:  Rub the lace piece in the paint mixture to coat thoroughly.  I cut 10 inch strips of lace for infant sized crowns.

Step three:  Squeeze the excess paint mixture off the lace, and wrap the piece around your container (I used a glass bottle).  Dust the lace with Glamour Dust in Gold.  Allow it to dry for 24 hours.

I repeated the same process for my pink crown, but wanted less shimmer so I omitted step three.  This crown has a pretty, subtle sparkle to it thanks to the Glamour Dust Paint.

Step four:  When the lace is dry, remove it from the bottle.  Use DecouPage to paint the ends and adhere them together.  I use a clothespin to hold the pieces together while it dries.

Your finished crowns are adorable as is, I think, but if you want to embellish them further, add ribbon, ric rac, flowers, and other embellishments.

The crowns make a fun alternative to party hats!  Attach them to headbands to give to your guests.  They’re fun photo props, or even just cute as decor.

What will you do with your Glamour Dusted crown?



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